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What's this all about?

Started in October 2009 this little database tries to collect all 3dfx and 3dfx-related BIOS-files for the cards we all admire.
With 350+ different BIOS for all cards from Voodoo Rush to the last known prototype Specter, the possibility to find a suitable file for your card is quite good.

Help me!

But until now not all BIOS-versions are saved, especially the ones from the rarest prototypes out there. So I need your help!

If you have a rare card or a common one with a still unknown BIOS flashed on it, please be so kind make a backup and drop me a line.
You can find my contact information here. Information about the process of making a copy please follow the instruction given here.


Please keep in mind that I cannot give any guarantee about a successful process of flashing a BIOS-file to your card or any procedure you will do with the software supplied here.
Not every BIOS is tested before added to this database. This is not possible for me. If I get a corupted file only the next user who flashs it will get to know it. If you find defective files, please tell me about it, so I can mark them as defective or delete them at all.

The copyrights and all other rights of any software provided here are held by their original owners. My intention is to preserve these files.
You can find more legal information about this website here and here. Since this website is hosted in Germany they are provided in German.


This database would be nothing without your help. Until now many people across the world send me files recovered from their prototypes and give me useful and important advices. Therefore I want to thank you!

Thank you exxe, Eye-Q, FalconFly, gdonovan, j-dogg, Loeschzwerg, logicalmadness, m14radu, Mega-Zord, Nightbird, Obi-Wan, osckhar, RazrX & Rolo01 (in alphabetical order)